An Update on the Revising

revising is every bit as [find a good word for not fun] as I had imagined

Created on March 14, 2021

Just a quick update on the revision process. You’ll remember, of course, that I had set out on a grand voyage to revise my novel. I see from the blog post that it over a month ago when I embarked on this voyage. So how much have I revised in that time?

Not enough.

I’m getting there, but it’s slow. I’ve been through 7 chapters thus far. 7 of 17, and the chapters get longer. I’m finding and fixing things, but it’s tedious. I’m going so slowly that I’m starting to lose just of a bit of interest in the project. I know that I need to get that same spirit I had when I was writing the novel. And that means…

Revising every day!

When I was writing the novel I wrote every day. I targeted 500 words per day, and averaged something like 650. I didn’t miss a single day for 7 months, and as if by magic, a novel was written. I can do the same with revising.

Two bright spots though: 1) I like the novel! Reading through it again has me smiling at various points of the story. It’s not that I don’t remember them, of course, but reading through it like this is different than when I was writing it for the first time. 2) My first beta reader read the first chapter, and liked it. He said that he would keep reading past the first chapter if he had gotten the book on Kindle Unlimited (where I intend to publish it).


Second Draft - Complete!