Second Draft - Complete!

turns out I do know how to revise

Created on April 1, 2021

Oh, just a note for posterity’s sake that I now have a second draft of a novel.

Maybe the best part of all this is that I’ve found out that I really do like the story! I was bemused to find out that I had forgotten some of the individual scenes, some of the phrases, some of the “filler” in the main plot. Thankfully, I still like the ending too. Endings, it turns out, are tough.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I did more scene and character description than I wrote about in “Revising” a couple of posts back. There’s more to be done, but it’s not a completely blank slate.

So my plan now is to write for another week and then get this thing ready for beta readers. I’m struggling against my own impatient (and excited!) spirit and its desire to just publish the thing now.


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